real space = real experience

Carolyn, Sue, Mary and I began the planning of all this over one year ago. The blog and the exhibition are results of a meeting that occurred on February 6, 2010.  A synergy occurred among the four of us to pull the structure together. And each artist was able to maintain their own ideas, imagery and formal issues where their work was concerned. I trusted it would work.

The show hangs with careful balance. It has variety within it, in both content and form. We imagine you can’t help but relate to several bodies of work, if not all. We also understand the work connects most clearly through the use of line, texture, and a variety of material. Our intention is also a connecting element. From the beginning we wanted the mix and the experience to be educational. We learned about each other, and we hope you learned from our collective endeavor. A visitor commented after the Saturday afternoon panel discussion, Each one of you, she said, works so differently and complement each other so well.  Your respect, appreciation and affection for each other is apparent.
This observation rings of truth.

The experience felt natural and as I said in earlier posts worked organically.  There was an order and rightness that permeated our meetings and our coming together. Now, the plan is to continue to move our idea forward. Post show, we’ll assemble and discuss strengths and the weaknesses of what we accomplished. Things are bound to evolve and within a new structure there will be some change. We’ll see what develops.

Here are a few photographs of our exhibit.  The show engages the eye and the mind, in many ways. Cyberspace is fun and can be informative, but real space equals real experience. That’s what this is all about.

Photographs are by professional photographer Dan Delaney.


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1 Response to real space = real experience

  1. It is a beautiful show comprised of interesting thoughtful art and compelling friendships.

    Kudos also to the photographer Dan Delaney.

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