at the photo shoot

Last night photographer Dan Delaney / 2D Photography came to the gallery to photograph some of our artworks and the show. Mary met Dan back in November during a photo shoot of her and her work (Luxe Interiors, February issue).
She’s organized the evening.

Each of us has experience photographing our own artwork, but we are in preparation for something a bit different and professional photographs of our large works, and the installation are necessary.
One can say this is another behind the scenes/What Goes On view. Another part of the plan has begun to take motion. That is, the next opportunity we hope to create.

Here are our photos of the photo shoot.  I will publish Dan’s shots next week. He gave us a quick glimpse of results last night. His shots of the work, and the space, are beautiful. The investment is worthwhile.  Before Carolyn and I leave for the evening Dan shares hints for sizing and finishing digital images.  I am using some of that direction now, in fact.

Dan lighting Carolyn's artwork.

For easier lighting set up, artwork is moved…

Assistant Blair takes a reading.

…and if art can’t be moved, it’s accommodated.

Sitting in the gallery in the evening, is such a different experience than being in it during the day. Studio lighting, natural lighting, gallery lighting and photographic lighting, each offer a whole different sort of feel. The shoot feels pretty good and it looks even better, if that’s possible. It is.

If you are curious to know more about What Goes On and What Takes Place, join us tomorrow for an In-Gallery Artist Roundtable Discussion.


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