A small reception last Thursday was followed by a well-attended opening on Friday. Reaction was positive.

Mary comments about the many people who loved the blog. They came to the show well-informed and with a better appreciation for the work. You have succeeded in your original goal, she reminds me (of one of my original goals). People understand how much is involved in what we do.

People congratulate me. They’re impressed with the artists, with the variety in the four bodies of work, with the set up of the space, and with the quality of the experience. I’m complimented for the success of all of it and this surprises me. What exactly did I do? It’s good to think about.

I acknowledge I had one very good idea. It stemmed from curiosity,  creativity and wanting experience of a particular sort.  All the artists formulated the collaboration / exhibition. We started the whole thing over a year ago, and we met many times to plan out details. I did write the blog, it too came from continued conversation. And the show…well….it really takes a village that included the gallery and its staff,  husbands, children, family, friends and all the other professionals that crossed our paths, whom I mentioned in the blog. The creative act is a huge commitment and when it’s supported it goes a long way.

Practically speaking, we enjoy the opening for personal and professional reasons. It’s fun. There are comments that are helpful and reactions that are valuable. And there are sales, before and after the opening, good for all of us and so good for the arts in general. Magically speaking, we enjoy the turn out, the celebration, and (as though we had also planned it) the timely bright and full moon. That being said, there’s also timing.

There’s a huge handshake, involving lots of hands, when creativity gets going.
Which takes me right back to the beginning and the first photo I took, and the first post I wrote.
Excellent ideas, creative people, commitment, and timing … make the world go round. Proof positive.

For the opening, Rick, Mary’s husband sent each of us a bright bouquet…

Events will continue throughout the month. Next week is an artist roundtable discussion. I’ll be including photos of the show as well.


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  1. Loved the show, loved the blog!!!!!

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