install-another high light

high light – an important, conspicuous, memorable, or enjoyable event, scene, part.

mary will have video and sound

Delivery of artwork to studio and install took place yesterday and today.  All the last-minute stuff that goes on…went on. Sue has to work, she’s not around during the day. I hear that one of her drawings got sent to the framers this morning. She can rest assured Bill will have it back on time, no doubt. I have a few too many works, as it turns out, 3 will be coming back home. Less is more sometimes. Mary had lots to deal with so she completed installation of her large work yesterday. Last night she worked on lighting and sound.  Today she spends much of the morning carefully cleaning her sculpture…last minute de-fingerprinting. FYI…Mary carries in her purse just about anything you might need for any odd event that can ever possibly occur. And yes…Carolyn completed her artwork.

I felt emotional yesterday, and today is no different.  Moments before I leave,  Carolyn walks in, very still…with her husband behind her carrying in her very large painting. One emotional moment for sure, a highlight in fact.

It’s become clear to me that trying as we are, to share process, there are moments not easily put into words.  I am also reminded these last few days, no one succeeds alone. So many people make all this possible.

Photos below are general layout and start of install. You get the picture.

Sue got the brick area she wanted.

Carolyn's mono-print.

Carolyn's photos and artwork, front to front, back to back.

Monica's parts

Mary's Lunar Landing.

Brent assembling Creative Structure.

Mary de-fingerprinting.

First siting of Carolyn's completed work.


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  1. Good luck you guys!!!!!

    It will be a fabulous show!!!!!!

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