sideways saguaro-was the working title

When I ask Mary to tell me what I can share, she graciously replies,
Share it all, I have no secrets!

Working title: Sideways Saguaro (maquette)
Somewhere in between : I am close but not sure…
Final title: Lunar Landing
An Installation
Media: digital prints, plexiglas, styrene, silk, milled aluminum, LED lights and optical fiber
Completed Size: 10X10X12’
Yr: 2011

It began with this maquette below (which I’ve shown 3x…I can’t help it).

Below the form is carefully developed and we see it coming to life…

1,561 pieces of fiber get placed into the tubing when all is said and done

Mary statement about the work offers explanation about her process including sound elements:

My work as an artist is based on line and involves any process, which can accommodate a drawing in some form. I like to push the line out of the surface and that is the reason the optical fiber became important-it could sort of head out into space.

I like doing things I have never done before. The installation piece for this show is like a drawing for me, I am trying to fill the space with imagery that interests me. The labor of making art is also important; the labor pushes the concepts and reinforces my connection to the work. I like to touch and make and hear what goes on.

I will be using the sound of marks being made (pencil, pen and Wacom tablet) in this piece to let the viewer hear the work.

digital print/central image

clear tubing with hand drilled holes

Mary calls these 'wings', they are the upper portion of the installation

I ask Mary how it is she went from working 2D to 3D.

I was drawing Saguaro texture and I thought how it was so linear and interesting that I could fill a page just with the texture then I thought I could roll it up, you know rolling paper is common for storage etc. I called a plastic company to see if there were optically clear tubes and did the first one. From there I was working with pulling landscape apart so that I could establish the feeling of being out in the desert, with all the detail contained in the tubes and the space was in 2D drawings on the walls. This was the exhibit when I met you.

I was doing this work and I got a commission to do a terrazzo floor for the city of Phoenix, it just made me more aware of the possibilities of taking my drawings off the walls. As I applied for more public art I knew I needed to learn to draw digitally and I was aware of the tablets animators used and watching them I wanted to do some of what they did. I started generating my drawings on the computer and one thing led to another because you can print on so many different surfaces and in any scale. I think I use digital media like a printmaker in that it is not to be viewed on a monitor or projection etc.

The work I do with the tablet has pieces of hand drawn imagery in it-and I draw freehand on the computer also. The fiber optics became a way to take the line off the surface and out into space-even though these are 3d it is still all about line for me. I love to draw on paper and I love to make drawing work in new formats, sometimes I think I like to be a little unsure about what I am doing.

Below are a list of some of the works and info, that you’ll see in a few very short weeks.

Satellite 6: Hibiscus/ moon craters/ rocks
22″ X30”

Archival inkjet print
Edition of 10, 72″X18”

This is the long narrow image, working title sideways Saguaro which becomes Saguaro/Belt, a limited edition print, and then evolves into Lunar Landing, the installation. There was a point in the process when I asked for the title that Mary did say
I am close but not sure….

…yes Mary has no secrets.

Mary Shindell earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Northern Arizona University and her Master of Fine Arts degree in drawing from Arizona State University. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Montana and Kansas. Mary’s work can also be seen in permanent collections at the Glendale Public Library, Mesa Community College, The Print Club of Albany, Westin Kierland Resort Herberger Ballroom and Phoenix Municipal Court Print Collection. Mary recently completed a terrazzo floor commissioned by the City of Phoenix Department of Arts and Culture for the Westside Senior Center and has public art commissions on the Northwest and Mesa Extensions of Valley Metro Light Rail. She is a member of 515 gallery on Roosevelt.


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1 Response to sideways saguaro-was the working title

  1. In a recent conversation with the Sculptor John Waddell at his studio I said: “One thing I’ve learned from you today, John, is to dream big!”
    Well….Mary…..You Are Dreaming Big!
    And what a conceptualization and application of your Artistry!
    I will be very interested to see how Mary displays “Saguaro/ Belt” (archival inkjet print) when I attend the Opening at Modified Arts.
    I’ve been exhibiting mine framed under glass with archival overmats. This has limited my width in panoramic prints because I have not been able to find archival mat board larger than 60 inches.
    Beautiful Work Mary!!

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