framing prints

Each of us take a small area of our largest artwork, and create a limited edition print. The reproduction represents the large work, and the 4 as a grouping, are symbolic of our working together. We’ve made a small edition of 24, 6″ x 6″, archival ink jet prints.

This is the perfect time to mention our framer.  We each sign #1 of the 24, and then they’re off to Bill’s.

Mary, Sideways Saguaro

Sue, Tilly-From Quid Pro Quo

Carolyn, Portrait #39

Monica, Creative Structure


Mary, Carolyn, and I use Bill for all our custom framing. Mary’s worked with him since 1975. She introduced Carolyn in about 1978. Carolyn recalls Bill’s Custom Frames was in a kind of shack near the train tracks north of University. She adds…with chickens running loose. Bill’s Frames has been around 35 plus years. He’s an interesting guy. He’s still out in Tempe, south of University, off of the Hohokam highway.

I’ve worked with him since 1995. And speaking of chickens, a few years back when Paul (framer) learned that I painted with egg tempera, he gave me fresh eggs from his pet chicken and duck.
Note: egg tempera flows richer with fresh yolk.

Back to the print…
Bill’s impressed  with the four reproductions. He takes a long look at them and says he could be convinced one is an actual pastel. I set up a square format for framing, he suggests a horizontal layout instead.

Paul and Brian, the crew, step in to give me their thoughts.

Bill, Paul, and Brian

Horizontal it is!

Framing the artwork is one more part of the process. It’s an important part of preparing for exhibition.  It helps when you trust your framer.  Quality work guys. Thanks.

more →Bill’s Custom Frames


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