monica’s dealings / more than the sum of my parts

I’ve never worked so large-scale.  And really I’m not working large-scale now, but the finished piece measures 74″ x 84″ or 6’2″ x 7′.  It’s a big work, made up of small parts, that I can handle.

This is the first public view of the life-size piece, at least, in parts….so to speak.  I’m just about done. I’m only refining small areas, like the solar plexus. I’m messing with colors.  And I’m reworking the background.  If I were to show you progression of the entire composition, you’d know it’s gone through many stages of color and depth.

You want to know the biggest challenge at the moment?  Photographing such a large image. It’s more than I understand, to photograph it well, on my own.  I want all the detail to come up on a single shot of the whole work, but maybe that’s asking too much.

And because I normally work smaller, I sketch similar designs on several pieces of canvas/paper and work out composition.  Eventually two or more pieces emerge. I approach this in the same way.  I never planned to making 2 large figurative paintings. But here they are, on my 19 foot studio wall. Hanging side by side. They vary in ways, obvious and subtle.

I could probably pick and choose parts from the two and make a new third.
I am particularly influenced by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Below, the parts. Laid out like this, I think of another influence.

"The Tibetan Art of Healing"

Today…I want to change the working title.  A year into this, and one is already signed and titled, not the one that will be in this exhibition. Can I really want to change the title…now? Sure wasn’t expecting this.
And if I did, it would translate into Spanish well… an important consideration at the moment.

…Clarifying lots and learning a good deal about the body, the mind and the spirit.  That’s the whole of it.


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2 Responses to monica’s dealings / more than the sum of my parts

  1. Hank Keneally says:

    Your work is Marvelous and I very much look forward to seeing the originals (I’ve only seen your work on the Web/Postcard, etc.) on 2.18.11 at Modified Arts.
    I had a Tutorial relationship with Frederick Sommer over a period of 17 years. He worked a lot with physiological structures. You might find the work on his posthumous site of interest:
    Also, thanks to Corrine Geersten, I’ve found a good resource for xray images, bones, etc. There all copyright free and downloadable:
    Love your blog. You are The BlogMeister – best I’ve seen on the web.

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