…in the midst of fun and fear, that’s mary


Mary begins…
Hi Monica,
I am working on how this piece will be put together. I took some pictures.

Mary ends…
ha cha cha!
what fun, what fear!
Her excitement comes right through the words. A very good place for a creative person to be…I do believe.

Did I mention this design and process, is all new to Mary…it is.
She says I can share. You get the first peek of Mary’s newest sculpture, in progress right now. Or at least, you’ll see a few parts of it..

Looking wonderful and impressive Mary.

Beginning to fabricate a wing.

Smoothing out the edges of the metal edge.

plastic wing

The wing fabrication pics show the large plastic wing with the aluminum piece on the side. Mary is smoothing the edges of the metal piece in one of the pictures. She also included a model she is working on to decide how many wings to fabricate and their placement within the section of Modified [Arts].
When you see the model (the maquette at the start of this post, notice the wings, then look at the finished wing….span…big!

Good work Mary, and thanks for the peek. 6 weeks to go. I know Mary…she’ll work to the last minute if she has too, to complete this to her satisfaction.


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2 Responses to …in the midst of fun and fear, that’s mary

  1. Catherine Ruane says:

    Mary….it looks exciting and interesting. I guess with the fun there is always the fear. It is just the nature of the beast. I wish you the best as you pull this together.


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