a space of our own

The whole experience is organic, and this feels like one more natural step…

Everything you might want to know about our upcoming exhibition, What Goes on and What Takes Place, is in this site. One neatly organized space, maybe unlike our studios, at this point. If you’re curious about something and it’s not here, ask. We’ll consider writing about it.

I want to share something that occurred this summer.  It happened after the four of us were already working on the exhibit. It was a nice surprise to each of us as independent artists, and to all of us as a collaborative group.

Phoenix New Times blog ran a “Best of”  with 100 Creatives, and we were each featured. For 100 days, they highlighted an artist or a creative in the field. I saw the work of many friends, and learned about many other’s work. It’s always great to realize the community one is  a part of. Ours is a large and diverse one. There are so many more, we’re only a small part of it.

Click on each photo to take you to the New Times write-up.  Even if you’ve read them once, they’re worth looking at again. Note the art, some of which will be featured in What Goes On and What takes Place.

Mary Shindell

Monica Aissa Martinez

Sue Chenoweth

Carolyn Lavender

Thanks Claire Lawton and thanks Phoenix New Times.

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